T h e  f i n e  t u n i n g 
o f  t h e  b o w

I really like taking the time to chat when musicians bring their bow to my workshop.
I regularly observe that even the most prestigious bows are always played "as is"
despite even minimal changes that have appeared over time in the camber or the straightness of the stick, thus causing discomfort in the playability.
The musician, having no known alternative, has adapted to this discomfort and most often compensates for it without really realizing it.
In some cases, I ask if their playing is not affected by a weakness in the middle of the stick, if they have to compensate it by giving more tension, and
then the playing at the tip is uncomfortable? In other cases if they are not bothered by the fact that their bow does not stay well "on the string"? If it hasn't become too soft and hard to "sautillé with" or if they have trouble finding the right playing tension?
Their first reaction is
"Now that you mention it, that's actually how I feel!
But how do you know that? "...

Your words:
In our daily work we encounter obstacles
techniques to cross which are not necessarily due to our own limits. Adjustment work
of bowing that I performed with Jean Grunberger allowed me to feel with more
acuity what could come from me or from my bow. Adjust balance, weight, tension,
a curvature in such a place of the bow is sometimes crucial to solve a problem of spiccato,
sonority, detached, projection, etc... This work done, the musical gesture has become more
simple, obvious, and has really made my daily work easier.
Hervé Granjon de Lépiney
1° Double bass solo of the National Orchestra of Pays de la Loire

“Thanks to Jean, I discovered that it is possible to tune a bow like you tune a violin! By refining several very delicate parameters,
he manages to respond exactly to the expectations of the musician".   F.R.

Working with Jean was really a beautiful and positive experience.
He was a magician during his work and he could do everything I was asking until we reached the result I wanted with my bow.
It was a pleasure to meet Jean and his wife Claudia that together opened me a world with their knowledge and art of the bow.
I warmly suggest to go to Jean and Claudia to any string player who has troubles with bow and search for help.  Sergio M.